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Bristol - What to do


All the way over on the west coast of the UK, we have the great city of Bristol.  If you’re thinking about booking a stag do in Bristol, you certainly won’t be disappointed.  If you have had a look through our stag do packages and still not sure what activities to do, here some suggestions which may help you:

Bristol regional games tournament stag do              

Welcome to the West Country where you and the lads will get greeted by the farmer and his minxy milkmaids.  You will split up into teams and will be presented with some West Country themed challenges that will have rolling around laughing your heads off.  Some of the challengers include a ‘Cider Run’ whereby you will be strapped to an inflatable bungee and then you have to leg it as far as you can with a pint in your hand.  Check out this video to see for yourself:

Bristol off road buggies stag do

Another outdoor activity to consider is an off-road buggy experience.  It’s completely different to karting (which many of us will have gone on before) and if you like your power sliding, off-road buggies are the one for you.  It’s all off road too, so you won’t be gripping the track as you would do on a karting track which means more fun.  You will be powered by a 400cc engine fully equipped with a roll cage so you will be in safe hands while its pedal to the metal.

Bristol After Dark Stag Do              

Drink in the best bars Bristol has to offer, Eat a delicious meal in a great atmospheric restaurant and then finally Dance in one of Bristol’s best night clubs.  All of this pre-paid, included into a package.  No hassle splitting the food bill, no hassle finding a restaurant, no hassle finding which bars you are going to as it’s all sorted for you.  You will get a choice of 7 restaurants where you can eat, select a 2 course meal and all will be booked and included in your package price.  Then following the meal, whip out your Gents Events bar guide and head off into Bristol’s best bars!  Finally there won’t be any cueing for you, get straight into the nightclub with VIP entry.  What more can I say?!

I hope this has given you a bit of help in choosing your activities for your Bristol Stag do, but if you want to view more, visit our Bristol Stag do page where there are loads more activities and if you want more insight into these, give our Party Planners a bell on 0115 941 5282

Author : Sunny Matharu

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