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Which cities were the most popular in 2012 for a stag do?


New Years eve parties have been and gone... many of us will remember them well whilst others will remember it as one big blur!  We can all agree though that 2012 was a great year all round.  The Jubilee was fantastic, the Olympics were Incredible and the Mayan calendar thankfully got it wrong with their ridiculous prediction of the world ending!  There were also some shocking events such as the Lance Armstrong doping scandal, Hurricane Sandy hitting the shores of the US and Gagnam Style reaching number 1 in the charts!

What was new in 2012 for Gents Events?  

2012 was a fantastic year.  Some exciting new stag do packages came on board such as coasteering, surfing and sea kayaking and we even created an industry first with Indul-Gents where stags can enjoy a bit of leisure and relaxation before and after they party hard!  Then for those looking for something a little bit more daring, we launched (*takes breath*) a bootcamp experience, gorge scrambling, weapon experience, Air Pistols and Air Rifles, sumo wrestling and also a Crossbows and Sling Shots day!  On the contrary, for those looking for something a little less ‘physical’, nude life drawing might be for you.

However, Gents Events proudest moment was the launch of the new website.  After months of planning, researching and identifying how people want to use a stag organising website, the new face of Gents Events graced our presence.  The surgeons did a great job and it was deemed one of the best face transplants ever!  Take a look at the transformation:

Since the launch, we have received some fantastic feedback, in particular with many references to the create your own section – Thank you!

So what cities were the most popular in 2012?

With 15 cities on offer from Gents Events, city centre hotels in every location and action packed activities available, which cities were the stags most wanting to go to?  Our statistical boffins in the office have been pushing their calculator buttons and have come back with these surprising or not surprising results for the top 5 stag do cities…

Brighton:             14%

Nottingham:         13%       

Newcastle:           13%

Liverpool:            12%

York:                   12%

There really wasn’t a clear winner but Brighton just edged it passed our home turf of Nottingham.  The top 5 cities accounted for 64% of total bookings with the other 10 cities accounting for 36%. 

What can we predict for 2013?  Naturally, we have some mind blowing stag activities coming but we can’t reveal them all just yet…ok here’s a little hint… zombies are involved!

Here’s to 2013 and we look forward to helping you organise an unforgettable stag do!

Author : Sunny Matharu

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