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With over 16 million visitors each year, Blackpool is popular for a very good reason… people go for a good time!  Even Prince William ventured out to Blackpool for a stag do a couple of years ago.  So what can you expect if you join the millions who have been so far?

There is something for everyone in Blackpool from traditional city centre pubs to trendy chilled out wine bars.  You can even enjoy some live music in funky jazz bars or if you prefer, some heavy rock or dance tracks in some of the biggest night clubs around.

So if you’re going on a Stag do in Blackpool, what can you and the lads do?  Here are 3 suggestions for you to think about.


Blackpool After Dark Stag Do

I have to recommend this stag package first.  As Blackpool is all about the night life, the Gents Events After Dark packages makes sure you experience it properly.  Start the night with a 2 course evening meal (Included in the package price so no messing around splitting the bill!) and then venture out with an up to date bar guide giving you a full breakdown of where the bars are and what type of bars they are, then finish the night off with VIP club entry.  Just think, no hassle finding places, no hassle with club entry and no hassle trying to find the bar which you know you and your boys are going to love.

Sound good?  You can go for as little as £68.95 per person.


Blackpool Party Bus Stag Do

 Imagine this in on the streets of Blackpool… you and the lads on a party bus…with possibly a hen party on there as well (fingers crossed) and getting dropped off at 4 different bars and then finally being dropped off at a club.  The Party Bus will save you staggering from bar to bar, losing any of the guys in the group and save you the hassle of rounding everyone together!

Available from just £77.95 per person


Blackpool Code Breaker Stag Do 

If you all like a bit of completion, and you enjoy a drink or 2 (most of us then) you might want to consider doing a code breaker stag package.  You and the lads will get split up into teams of up to 5 and then using your phones, Treasure Hunt HQ will manage your hunt keeping track of the scores for you.  The object of the game is to crack the 6 digit code working your way through the Pubs of Blackpool. 

Available from just £77.95 per person

Of course, if you prefer, you can go Go Karting, Cocktail making or even partake in a bit of Nude life Drawing!  We offer a wide range of stag packages for Blackpool each catering to different tastes.  If you want to know more information, speak to our Party Experts on 0115 941 5282.

Author : Sunny Matharu

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