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A Stag Do Where Beer Is Your Treasure

If I said ‘treasure hunt’ to you, you might think back to the days when you were a small child and your parents had hidden Easter eggs all around the house, and your brother probably got there before you and ate them all first…or maybe that’s just me! Well think along those lines but trade your house to a large, lively city and the chocolate eggs to alcoholic beverages and you’re on the right track with our Treasure Hunt Stag Do.

At Gents Events, our most popular treasure hunt is the Pub Crawl Treasure Hunt (for obvious reasons!); this incorporates some of the best bars your chosen city has to offer along with a leisurely, and perhaps wobbly, walk between each. It’s no secret that you stag parties like a bevvie or two and in order to keep going to the small hours of the next morning, a bit of fresh air in between watering holes is probably wise!

Apart from seeing the inside walls of pubs and bars, you’ll also get to see the historic and famous sights your city has to offer; and I’m sure that saying you’re going on a ‘sightseeing tour’ on your stag do will sound much better to your future wife than a ‘pub crawl’! Good luck with getting her to believe you though ;)

Sound interesting..? If so, read on and find out exactly what this stag do activity involves:

  • Using the latest text messaging technology, Treasure Hunt Head Office will manage your hunt, keeping track of the scores for you, so all you have to worry about is cracking the code (getting tipsy) and winning!
  • Compete in teams of up to five mates to reveal the six digit code in the fastest time
  • Your hunt will commence and the clock will start ticking as soon as you’ve submitted your unique six digit user code and team name (get thinking of those rude names now), triggering a chain of automated texts that will guide your event from start to finish
  • Your hunt is set out over six colour coded geographical zones based around a variety of key landmarks and incorporates six pub stops (SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS *Lil Jon voice*)
  • Each zone contains a treasure hunt question, a pub based question and three pub quiz questions to reveal each digit of the six digit code
  • There is one rule (pouts at the ready) – you must take one photograph in each pub of you and your team mates having a drink together
  • You have up to three hours to answer approximately thirty questions and obtain your photographic evidence
  • Earn bonus time by collecting ten scavenger items on your way round the hunt
  • Tasks are set in no particular order, making route planning and initiative essential to gaining an advantage so you’d better not get too wasted ;)
  • Stuck on a couple of tricky questions? Don’t worry, you have two lifelines at your disposal
  • Once you think you’ve cracked the code, text your six digits to Treasure Hunt Head Office for verification and in turn, stop the clock
  • Other stags recommend arranging a prize for the team who cracks the code in the quickest time…and perhaps a forfeit for the losers?
  • There are no minimum or maximum group size restrictions for this event so why not make it as competitive as possible by getting as many mates as you can involved!

Our Pub Crawl Treasure Hunt is available in Nottingham, Leeds, Newcastle, London, Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool, Bournemouth, Edinburgh, Brighton, Cardiff and York.  

If this treasure hunt doesn’t float your boat then why not try one of our other options?

  • Code Breaker Treasure Hunt – like the Pub Crawl Treasure Hunt but minus the pubs!
  • DIY Treasure Hunt – want to take it old school and leave your smartphones at home? Then get your maps and compasses at the ready for an activity Jack Sparrow would be proud of!
  • Champagne Treasure Hunt – an actor will set the scene (and possible surprise you along the way) as you decipher the clues in order to be rewarded with your booty* – a bottle of Champagne! *ass not included.

To enquire about any of the above Treasure Hunt Stag Do packages or to discuss the range we offer, please call our sales team on 0115 941 5282.

Author : Laura Wojtania

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