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5 simple rules for a successful night on a Casino Stag Do


Now then lads, don’t get carried away and think you are Daniel Craig in Casino Royal going all in on a game of poker with a steady 44 million dollars because that’s just never going to happen.  As great as it looks, the films never really portray poker as it is in real life.   For example, at most casinos (not private clubs), there is no chance you will have to rock up in black tie!  It’s much more chilled, civilised and instead of a vodka martini shaken not stirred, you can help yourself to some traditional Britney Spears (beers) or the free soft and hot drinks on tap! 

Today I’m going to talk through 5 simple rules to help you at the casino.  Keep to these and hopefully you may get lucky while your on your casino stag do!

Rule Number 1 – Don’t act like Mr big time

Acting like Mr big time will just put a massive target on you with many of the regulars who are in there every night, clearing up a steady amount of money.  The regulars will hope to get on a table with someone who is flashing their cash following a boozy night out and plan to take your money on a game of cards!  Play it cool, and blend in.  Don’t look like this is your first time at the casino, but also don’t act like you’ve got £2000 to spend (if you have, keep it hidden!).  Take your time, walk around the casino and see what you fancy having a gamble on first. 

Rule Number 2 – Choose your numbers and stick to them

Casino’s have plenty of roulette tables and despite what everyone says, it is pure luck.  This is why if you are going to have a play on roulette, think of some numbers and stick to them.  One of them is bound to drop so spread your chips across the board.  If you start changing your numbers, the classic is bound to happen: “Oh I had that number 2 minutes ago!”  The chances of one of your numbers coming in is 35/1 but if you want more of a chance, go for black or red, where it’s a 50/50 chance (this will require a larger minimum bet though – in most cases £5).  Take your time, spread your chips across the board and good luck.  If you have a hunch on a number coming in, place a bet.  Remember, its pure luck.      

Rule Number 3 – Play it cool

Rule number 1 plays a big role if you fancy a game of Texas Hold ’em poker.  Poker is a funny game whereby a lot of psychology is involved and players all of a sudden turn to Derren Brown thinking that they can spot signs in body language.  Obviously there are some obvious signs but people may be doing these to try and bluff you.  Best advice if you’re going to a Casino on a stag do, just play it cool and don’t attract too much attention to yourself.  Earn your respect on the table by taking your time and betting big when you know you’ve got a strong hand.  If you win, don’t reveal your hand (unless you have to due to heads up) so it will have the others guessing if you were bluffing or not (only you know this).  If anyone asks, neither deny nor confirm.  Throw a cheeky smile and play the next hand.  Remember too, a good player knows when to fold.  If you really think someone is beating you on a hand, fold. 

Rule Number 4 – Wear a watch

There are a couple of things you will notice in a casino.  They are maintained at a very comfortable temperature (not too warm and not cold), there are no clocks on any walls and there are no windows to allow you to see outside.  All of this is so the casino can keep you inside as long as they possibly can!  It’s really easy to lose track of time and before you know it, its 7am, you’re checking out of your hotel in 3 hours and you’ve just lost £200 on roulette.  Keep track of the time and know when you’re going to call it a night – don’t get that urge to try and recover your losses with one more bet!  Use time as an excuse to leave.  This is all down to you, so make sure you have a watch on

Rule Number 5 – Only gamble what you can afford to lose

Decide on how much money you’re going to take in and make sure that if worse comes to worst, you can afford to lose that and it won’t put you behind on any mortgage / rent payments!  Sometimes it will just be one of them nights where you win zilch, but on the other hand, it could be your night and you quadruple your money.  Decide on the maximum you want to gamble and stick to it.  After all, the last thing we want is to hear the wedding is off because you blew a lot of the wedding hall money on a game of cards!  The biggest thing to remember though Is the house always wins.  You’re not going to go from table to table and win (unless it really is your night), you are bound to lose some money as your luck will eventually run out!  Don’t try and come up with some pattern spotting as I once remember a dealer told one of the players “we absolutely welcome people who have theories and we encourage them to test them a lot!”

Good luck if you’re going to a casino stag do.  Remember the rules and have a good time – that’s the main thing!  

Author : Sunny Matharu

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