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3 stag do ideas for Bournemouth which are guaranteed fun

Welcome to Bournemouth – probably one of the only places in the UK whereby you actually feel like you are abroad.  This is no exaggeration.  I went to Bournemouth in November 2012 and I was pleasantly surprised at how brilliant this place is.  The beach is the best beach in the UK - don’t just take my word for it, as Trip Advisor voted it as the best beach in the UK for 2012 and the 4th best beach in Europe.  It really does have a holiday feeling to the place, full of friendly people and full of great things to do for your stag do in Bournemouth. 

So what do I recommend if you’re heading down to Bournemouth for a stag do?

Off road buggies 

As the sun will hopefully be out for most of the day (if you book your stag do for during the summer months) you need to be out with it!  It’s no secret that guys love driving activities on a stag, so let’s bring the fun outside on some rough terrain in some buggy’s which go up to 40mph!  The track will have your power sliding around corners and thrashing it down the straights, leaving the dirt behind blowing in your mate's faces!  Try something different for a change with an off road buggies activity.


For those who have been paintballing before will know that it’s much more fun when the weather is great.   I went Paintballing and it threw it down with rain and it felt like we were in a swamp for most of the day which still was fun but trying to wipe your goggles because they're covered in mud often got you shot!!  Make use of the good weather down south with a Paintballing stag do in Bournemouth.


Get strapped inside a 3 metre sphere and get pushed for a rolling start and then away you go.  You can’t explain the experience unless you try it for yourself, but what I can say is you will definitely love it.  You spin 360 degrees, bounce along a track, while you can do absolutely nothing about it!  It will get your adrenaline pumping, leave you a little dizzy but best of all give you an unforgettable experience!

There you have it.  Now it's your turn to speak with the lads and decide what you're going to do on a Bournemouth Stag Do!

Author: Sunny Matharu

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