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Top 5 Stag activities in Nottingham


Unsure of which city to invade on your stag do? Well round up your band of merry men and look no further than the 'Shire (Nottingham); with a 4:1 women to men ratio and bars to rival Lahndan, you'd be mad to miss out me duck. Here party expert Kelly Holgate gives you the low down on the top 5 packages we have to offer. *bow, arrow and tights not included*

Warrior Weapons Training

Although blokes may moan about having a cold, or kick off when there's no hot water left for a bubble bath, they relish any chance to exert some manliness; what better way than throwing knifes and axes at board. Think of it as a Jason Statham-esque training camp, and release any pre-wedding stress in the woods with your mates. 

After Dark Stag Do

Live out your dream of being P Diddy for one night only, as we offer you the best bars, eateries and clubs; including queue jump and optional entry to any stag do staple- the strip club. Whether you're a beer and a burger bloke, or more of a cocktails and canapés kind of chap, we will only offer you the best that Robin Hood's homeland had to offer.

Casino Evening 

Hands up, how many of you would sell your future Mother in Law for the chance to live like  Daniel Craig in Casino Royale? Well we can't promise piercing blue eyes or a bevvie of beauties on each arm, but we can offer an amazing evening at a top casino, complete with food, cocktails and a £10 gaming token.

Cocktail Making Class

Before you get all shaken and stirred at the idea of making fancy drinks with your mates; let us remind you of a little film called Cocktail, which saw Tom Cruise getting enough action to see him through until next Christmas. Not only do you get a shot on arrival, but you'll drink on the job and receive a cocktail master class from the experts.

Pub Crawl

It would be a crime of epic proportions to miss out the plethora of pubs on offer in Nottingham when it comes to stag dos. But rather than sending you on your merry way; which more often than not leads to a dodgy bar with triples for singles, we equip you with your very own text treasure hunt, complete with questions and codes, which take you on a tour of only the best pubs in town. Think of it as a drunken version of The Crystal Maze, minus any Aztec Zones.

We also offer many other Nottingham Stag Do packages, as well as other Stag Packages across the UK.  Speak to our Party Experts on 0115 941 5282 for more information!

Author : Kelly Holgate

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