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Stag Activities for a group of guys who don't know each other that well


It’s your stag and you have to invite all the family and friends but how do you break the ice and get everyone showing the bromance, well here are a few ideas from Gents Events.

Well it’s always good to start a bromance with a bit of competition especially on the track so go karting is a great activity for starting to build stag bromances or if war games are a better way for friendship building then why not try paintballing.

A great way to get to know each other on your stag do is making sure you play a few drinking games  and of course do a few dares, why not check out our stag do dares and games pages for a few ideas.

Then of course next step to building true stag memories is over some top grub, with everything from steak and chips to Indian to Chinese, Gents Events will get this all booked paid and sorted for you. As it’s always good to get a good lining before a full on sesh, especially if you have a few lightweights in the group. You could even upgrade to the VIP after dark package, and then drinks are included too saving the awkward working out of the bill, which never helps in the building of friends especially if your arguing over who had more beer.   

Then its time for the real stag fun to begin and the real wolf pack to begin over drinking into the early hours.  To make sure your stag night goes with a bang and everyone gets involved why not start of at the dogs, a little bit of betting and beer is always a good starter to any night, or make sure you get round all the bars with a party bus tour, you can drink and dance on the bus too.

Or why not continue the competition with lady luck and try a casino night always a great way to build friends over the roulette table or with a bit of black jack.

Then of course its club time with guest list entry, so no cueing for your lads, its straight in and to the dance floor. Of course don’t forget those games and dares to keep the party going and to make sure you get some great pictures of your new mates.

Finish of your stag with a final drink in a private bar where you can watch the dancers, tell each other  how much fun you have had and how much you love one another,so its time for the final wolf pack howl!!

So there’s a few ideas of what to do on a stag to get to know everyone, but if you would like more ideas then why not give me a call on 0115 9644 208 to discuss more great stag ideas! 

Author : Brian Fretwell

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