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A stag weekend can’t be a proper stag weekend unless there are some pranks.  It’s the groom’s job to get this organised so that the stag has some form of punishment during his weekend away with the lads.  But what do you do?  I’m here to give you some top stag do pranks – but no cliché stuff.  I’m not going to tell you to shave off his eyebrow in his sleep or tie him to a lamppost… yaawwnnn… those are almost as old as the TV channel UK Gold.  This time, I will give you some original ideas, and one’s which you will definitely consider doing.   

The wedding is off prank (Warning, this is a tad bit shady!)

This requires some strategic planning, your mobile phones and a partner in crime.

The stag will need a shower at some point during the weekend so when he does, this is when you and someone else need to do this prank.  Hopefully he doesn’t take his phone in with him, otherwise this is no good, but if he doesn’t (like most of us), get his phone, go through his phone book and change the number of his wife to be to the number of your partner in crime.  Then send a txt saying “I’m really sorry; I’ve gone off men and don’t want to get married- the wedding is off”.  Obviously, it’s not his wife to be who has sent this but her name will appear as you changed her number!  Let him come out of the shower and watch his face as he checks his phone.  This is really cruel but is a massive wind up!  Encourage him to ring her immediately and watch his face as your mates phone rings in the room.  Oops!

The Shallow Hal prank

This requires a strip club, 2 strippers (1 a lot larger than the other) and a blind fold

A Stag do and a strip club go together like a lock and key.  He knows he will be going and probably thinks he will get the fittest stripper because he is the stag.  For this prank, you will need to 2 strippers both of which hopefully have a sense of humour.  One of the strippers needs to be a considerably large lady and the other needs to be top drawer, absolutely stunning and to the stags taste.  Get him onstage in front of everyone, and let him have a dance from his desired stripper.  Then, get her to pop a blindfold on him, and then call over the larger stripper to finish the dance!  She will continue and finish the dance and then pop the blindfold off so the stag can see that he had all that fun with a completely different woman – harsh but really funny and the other guys in there will laugh their heads off!

A wet dream, but not the sort which you are thinking…

This requires a bucket of water and a stag fast asleep

After a heavy night on the town, the stag will soon be seeing stars as he crashes into his bed and falls asleep.  This is when you guys need to act quickly.  Fill up a bucket of water and place it on the floor next to his bed.  Get his hand and put it in the bucket (this may require some gentle movement to lean him over the bed so his hand is in the bucket).  Then go to sleep.  Apparently, by doing this, the stag will unfortunately pee himself in his sleep without him knowing!  I can’t say I’ve tried this but have heard many people say this is true – so give it a go and let us know.  Hopefully he will see the funny side.

Nail varnish attack

This requires some nail varnish and a stag fast asleep

Unfortunately you have to wait until he is asleep again on this one, but it will be worth it.  As soon as the time comes (you might want to prod him to make sure he really is in a deep sleep) and then get the nail varnish and dab a little bit on his nipples.  Why might you ask?  Well apparently, when nail varnish dry’s, it contracts therefore this will cause a little bit of discomfort for the poor stag!  Oh well… he will have to use some nail varnish remover to get it off………….oh wait you didn’t pack any?  Never mind!

Remember this is all for a laugh and hopefully the stag will see the funny side too ha!

I hope these have been useful, and if you do try them out, please let us know.  No stag weekend is complete without a prank or two!  If you are looking for to organise a Stag Do, check out our Stag Do Packages and if you need any help, speak to our dedicated Party Planners on 0115 941 5282 or email

Author: Sunny Matharu

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