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York-ie Stag Packages – It’s not for girls

York Stag Packages

Nestle created a lot of media fuss when they banned women from eating Yorkie chocolate bars and even included a sign on their packaging - I won’t go that far with this article though (I work with a lot of women and I don’t think I will make it out alive If I do), as It is well known that York is a great place for both guys and gals, but what I will do is talk about some York stag packages which are only applicable if you have big cojonas’.  

Platinum pursuit’s combo adventure day

Upon enquiring for this platinum pursuits adventure package, you will be faced with the dilemma of choosing 2 activities from a possible 6 options in 2 different categories.  In category A there is Off Road Buggies, Quad Bike Safari and Segway experience.  Being a man with big cojonas’, it would be rude not to select Off Road Buggies.  These things are rapid, but best of all, it’s off road so there is plenty of drifting, sliding around and general thrashing the (pardon my French) out of a buggie!  Then from category B you have a choice of a Climbing Wall, The Leap of Faith and the Assault Course.  You know which one I’m going to recommend don’t you?  Obviously, the Leap of Faith.  Climb up a 35ft telegraph pole and take your place at the top.  Take a deep breath, man up, and jump to try and reach the buoy which is suspended just out of your reach.  You remember the scene from Dark Knight Rises where Christian Bale has to jump to reach the ledge?  Ok, it’s maybe not that dramatic, but still decent!

Outdoor Paintballing

Apparently paintballs travel from the gun at around 200mph.  That’s pretty quick and when you get hit by a paintball, you certainly know about it!  But, as you are a real man, you won’t rock up to the paintballing event with loads of clothing on in an effort to protect you… don’t be silly.  Go in what you would normally wear for an outdoor event; slip the overalls on and away you go.  Take the shots like a man and give them out even more!  A York paintballing stag do is Great fun and there are some surprises for the Stag…

Go Ape Tree Top Adventures

Go ape is a really good crack and it’s exactly what it says in the title.  Go ape, become a monkey and swing in the tree tops.  For the Tarzans amongst you, you will have your opportunity here to beat your chest, make a loud noise and swing.  You are approximately 35 meters high and some of the zip line activities are 250 metres in length.  Not for the feint hearted, strictly for those who are not afraid of heights.  Go Ape in York!

Clay Pigeon Shooting Combo Day

You can’t really get more manly than this.  Shooting a shotgun with real bullets at some clay’s.  Bury that shotgun into your shoulder, brace yourself, take aim, fire and feel the recoil from the gun.  Before this however, you will have a safety briefing and then you can take aim.  You will be given 25 clays each to fire at.  Then on top of this, once you’re done with clay pigeon shooting, you get to go on either the Climbing Wall, Leap of Faith or the Assault Course.

Obviously at Gents Events, we offer a lot of activity choices for a York Stag do, but some are more testing than others and hopefully my picks above will test how much of a man you are during your stag do!  If you do however want more information, get in touch with our Party Organisers who will give you more help.

Author : Sunny Matharu

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