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Taking the essentials on your stag do


Essentials for a stag do

If you are anything like me, I tend to leave packing, washing and all of that fun stuff right until the last minute.  I have been well known for forgetting something but for a stag do, there are some things which you cannot afford to forget.  It’s one weekend and hopefully the only weekend for the stag so planning is crucial.  I’ve been on a lot of stag dos and over the years, I have built up a list of essentials which you must take with you on your stag.  So without any further delay, let’s get to it.

A long coat

A few months ago, I went on a Stag Do in Cardiff (great place by the way, highly recommend) and the best man who organised the stag was quite a sharp chap.  He brought a long coat with him.  I asked him why and he said ‘don’t worry, you will see later’.  As we were staying in a nice 4* hotel, the best man used the long coat to put on the stag to cover his ‘revealing’ fancy dress outfit so that he could safely walk in and out of the hotel without annoying the staff or scaring some of the pleasant guests.  Good move I say, and definitely something I think you should take if you are planning to dress the stag in something tasteful.

A spare disco shirt

Let’s be honest, things can get a little messy sometimes.  When the jagerbombs are coming in by the dozen, there is going to be the odd occasion where some of it slips down your top!  I have seen guys turned away from nice bars as their tops have signs of spillage on them, so just in case this happens and you are planning on going to some nice joints in town, have a clean, drink-less top ready for action in case you need to nip back to the hotel for a quick change.

A Bar Guide

It’s fair to say that most stag parties go to a city where none of them live.  Everyone wants to go to a different city as no one wants to see the same old faces in the same old places.  As the stag do is only going to be for 3 days, don’t waste time by walking around when you get to the city scouting for possible bars which you think you and the lads will like.  Take a bar guide with you.  Luckily, Gents Events give bar guides to every stag party so the hard work is done – just don’t forget to take this with you.

Get the Stag do Dares planned out

The stag should be well aware that during his stag do, he will have some surprises which he has no idea about.  Don’t let him get away without doing anything.  This is why you need to have some stag do dares planned out, ready to fire at him when he least expects it.  We have a list of some stag do dares and games to get you started – just remember them and brief the other lads so they know what’s coming.

Other essentials

These should not be forgotten; well some can but it depends on your situation.  I.D (you never know how strict some venues are), condoms (If the luck is on your side), chewing gum/mints (don’t put off the ladies as soon as you open your mouth) and not forgetting don’t forget your cool head.  Unfortunately sometimes, groups of lads together attract the wrong sort of attention, so take your cool head with you so that peace can be restored in seconds without spoiling the night.

There you have it, essentials for your stag do.  Just don’t forget them!  If you want any more pieces of advice when you book your stag do, speak to our party experts on 0115 941 5282

Author : Sunny Matharu

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