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Get Wet and Wild in Wales


Coasteering Cardiff Stag Do

How about getting wet and wild on your Cardiff stag do? No I’m not talking about wet t-shirt competitions (sorry boys!); I’m actually talking about something more risky than risqué…

Think 30 foot cliff jumps, crashing waves, dark caves and river canyons and you’re getting there. Test your bottle with an exhilarating Cardiff stag do that’s sure to wipe out (excuse the pun) your hangover.

Read on to see which of our adventurous stag do ideas you dare to take on and feel that adrenaline begin to pump:

Gorge Scrambling

Gorge Scrambling Stag Do

It’s time to see which of your group has the biggest cojones on this seriously gnarly stag do activity. Take on a raging river canyon as it twists and turns through the rugged terrain of South Wales. Leap, climb and crawl through the waterfalls, rapids and caves that are involved in this physically demanding day designed to test even Indiana Jones himself. Gorge Scrambling is not for the faint hearted so be prepared to go hard (or go…back to the hotel) on this demanding Cardiff stag do.  Take a look at our Gorge Scrambling package in Cardiff


Coasteering Stag Do

So it may not be as impressive as Felix’s jump from space but the 30 foot cliff jump involved in this exhilarating stag activity is certain to separate the men from the boys. Will you dare to take the plunge or just accept that you’ll be getting the first round of shots in at the bar that evening? Challenge yourselves on some of the most diverse and stunning terrain that Wales has to offer. Traverse the coastline by swimming, climbing and scrambling above crashing waves which guarantee to have even the manliest of you quivering in your wetsuits!  Take a look at our Coasteering package in Cardiff

Surfing and Sea Kayaking

Surfing Stag Do

Okay, so chances are you won’t finish the session looking like the dude in the picture but you’ll definitely feel like a cold Kelly Slater as you catch your first wave off the shores of Wales. Jump into the standing position for a physically demanding and intensive activity. You and the boys will attend the surf academy to learn the techniques required to ride some of the best surf breaks around. After you’ve mastered the board it’s time for the kayak! Race your mates through the tide using the paddles to power you. Ditch the turf and ride the surf on this thrilling Stag Do activity.  View our Surfing and Sea Kayaking package in Cardiff

So now you know all about our thrilling water sports packages, we dare you to take one on!

To enquire about any of the above Cardiff stag do packages or to discuss the range we offer, please call our sales team on 0115 941 5282.

Author: Laura at Gents Events

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