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Fancy Dress Ideas for the whole stag party – Not just the stag.


It is definitely customary now to dress the stag in some tasteful clothing for his stag do.  He knows it’s going to happen and you and the lads know you’re going to do it, but the question is, what do you get him to dress as?  In this article, I will give you some suggestions which are definitely different from the classic clichés.  There won’t be a suggestion in here saying ‘dress him as a maid’ as let’s be honest, that’s boring and has been done for years!  I will be giving ideas on costumes where you can all get involved and to be honest, have a massive laugh with it at the same time!  Take a look at these original stag do ideas for fancy dress.  

Gorillas and Bananas

I remember seeing this video and thinking what a great idea this would be. Get the stag to dress as a banana and the rest of the lads to dress as gorillas. Give him the chase of his life through town and create those classic phone videos which you will look back at in years to come and laugh your head off! Obviously, I don’t think you will be getting into any nice quality independent bars, but hey, why not have a few hours of fun, and give the stag a chase around town (obviously behaving appropriately and not too much monkey'ing around - har har!). Then it’s back to the hotel, disco shirts on and off to the bars you go. The Gorilla costume costs just £36.95 and the banana costume is just £17.50. Bargain!


Similar setup to the gorillas and bananas theme but this time with Ghostbusters.  Dress the stag up as marshmallow man and the rest of you go as Ghostbusters.  Give him a chase and give the people around watching something which they would have never seen before.  Best of all, you all have a laugh and it’s something original.  View the Ghosterbusters costume and Marshmellow man.


With over 1 million Facebook fans, Morphsuits are definitely a big hit.  Their costumes are hilarious, and whatever you do in them, it will look funny.  For a stag do, get the stag a pink morphsuit whilst the rest of you wear less embarrassing colours.  Then go into some bars and as you normally would do (Morphsuits allow you to drink through them) and party on, throw some shapes and turn some heads!  UK Party Warehouse stocks the cheapest official Morphsuits on the internet from only £28.95!

You can go for the classic if you really want to but if you want to do something a bit different where you can all get involved and have a laugh at the stag, go for some of the stag do ideas above and I guarantee you will have a laugh! 

If you want to view even more costumes (mankini, fat stripper, well hung highlander…and more)

Author : Sunny Matharu

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