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Don't forget about Bristol - It's just as good as the usual suspects


Bristol Stag Do

Bristol is a hidden gem of a city.  Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised when I first went there.  You would normally catch me thrashing it up the M6 for a night out in Liverpool, but when me and the lads went to Bristol, we all arrived with smiles and left with even bigger smiles – you can make what you want of that!  We did see a lot of Stag Do’s in Bristol and if any of my friends plan on getting married soon, I will definitely be mentioning Bristol as a stag destination.  Why?  Well not to go soft on you all, but the city really does look stunning, especially at night when it’s lit up.  It does give a certain ‘yeah boys, we are going to have a good night here’ kind of feeling.  The Harbourside is really cool simply because you are going from bar to bar along the harbour.  The atmosphere is fantastic and the people are friendly – what else do you want?  Some activities of course.  If you’re thinking about booking a Stag do in Bristol, here are my top 5 picks for you:


Indul-gents is an exclusive new package from Gents Events and it’s aimed at guys who are going on a Stag do, don’t fancy anything too strenuous and simply want to enjoy a chilled out time before putting on their disco shirts and hitting the bars.  Included in this is a Health & Leisure day pass which allows you to use the gym, swimming pool, Jacuzzi and steam room.  Sorted!  Save your energy for the bar walks later!  Indul-gents stag do in Cardiff – it does exactly what it says on the tin!

Go Karting

I have to bring Go Karting in the top 5 stag do packages for Bristol.  Show me a guy who doesn’t like driving and I will give you a £1 for each one (you definitely won’t get rich of this but might make a fiver at the most!).  Find out who is the best driver on the track and then keep rubbing it in each other’s faces when you win.  Great banter, gets the adrenaline going but even more, you can drive as fast as you possibly can without getting in trouble.  The Bristol Go karting Stag do package will also include a plaque and bubbly for the winner and a 2 course evening meal with VIP entry to a club. 


Paintballing is another activity which some may consider to be typical of a stag do, but if it’s not broken, don’t fix it – its popular for a good reason.  I remember going on a Paintballing stag do and it was great as the paintball company have some crafty little surprises for the stag… well worth it, trust me.  I can’t say what the surprises are, as then it won’t be a surprise but take my word for it.    You will get complimentary 100 balls and you will play up to 6 varied games, 12 if you book for a full day.  You can buy plenty of other treats on the day such as smoke grenades (these are ace!), paint grenades and Thunderflashes.  Sound good?  Take a look at our Bristol Paintballing Stag Do packages.        

Clay Pigeon Shooting

If you have never been clay pigeon shooting before, I guarantee you will like it.  Push that shotgun hard into your shoulder, brace yourself, aim and fire!  Of course, you will have a safety briefing first and then you can take aim.  You will receive 30 clays each and can upgrade up to 40 or 50 should you want to.  A great activity which lasts for around 2 hours and it will certainly get your adrenaline pumping.  Read more about a Clay Pigeon Shooting Stag Do in Bristol

After Dark

I’m a big fan of getting everything booked and sorted before you head out – saves a lot of headache.  This is exactly what the After Dark package does.  You can add this to your stag activity which you might be doing e.g. Clay Pigeon Shooting, and you will be booked into a restaurant (of your choice, from a selection) with a 2 course meal waiting for you, and then head off and get VIP entry into a nightclub.  All this pre-paid, so no messing around splitting the food bill and no cueing up outside the nightclub.  Best of all, the After Dark package is exclusive to Gents Events so you won’t find this anywhere else.  It’s a popular choice and it’s no surprise why.  Take a peek at the full details of the After Dark Package.

Take my word for it, Bristol is a great city and you won’t be disappointed booking a stag do there.  I’ve given you some personal insight into the packages above, so hopefully these will help you in deciding what you’re going to do on your stag do in Bristol.

If you need any more help, contact our Party Organisers on 0115 941 5282 and they can give you even more insight into booking a stag in Bristol.

Author : Sunny Mathau

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