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James Bond through the years - Which Stag Package would Bond choose?


Lets be honest guys, we would all love to be Bond.  He gets all the women, drives the nicest cars and wears the best suits!  The question is though, if Bond was ever to settle down, which stag do package would he go for?  We sent our Party Expert Chloe on the case to find out.

Sean Connery

Let’s start off with Sean Connery who graced our screens as Bond way back in 1962. His stylish suits, quick wit and suave sophistication put him ahead of the times and made him one of the biggest hits with the ladies in the acting world – what a legend!

Good with the ladies like Sean? “But of course you are”.  Sean definitely had a taste for the finer things in life so Clay Pigeon Shooting and Archery would have been a great way to pass the daytime. No Bond film would be complete without the women so it would be rude not to take a visit to a Gentlemen’s Club!

Roger Moore

Moving onto the longest serving James Bond actor, Roger Moore; who played the role in seven films and was the oldest actor to have played Bond. His portrayal of a mature debonair playboy who was ready for anything had him voted “Best Bond” in an Academy Awards poll in 2004.

Moore likes to be prepared and would love our Casino evening with nothing to worry about other than placing his bets and getting them won. Roger joked himself that he only had 3 expressions as Bond: left eyebrow raised, right eyebrow raised and both eyebrows raised i.e. a great poker face! So take to the tables and “Your turn will come”

Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan hit our screens as James Bond in the 90’s and is said to be one of the “more vulnerable, more psychologically complete” portrayals – well, if that’s what it takes to get women like Halle Berry, then let’s take notes guys.

Brosnan likes to use his noggin as much as he enjoys a thrill, so something like Blindfold 4X4 Driving would be spot on – got to have a brain and some balls to go along with it - We reckon he would follow this up with a meal and club entry – his natural charm would take over and the night would always end well ;)

Daniel Craig

Now for Daniel Craig, the current James Bond who first took to our screens as Bond in 2006. Having filmed 3 Bond films so far, it was announced last year that he’s signed for 5 more films which means he’ll be beating the legend himself Roger’s by one.  Backed by all 5 previous Bond’s, even Connery thinks that Craig adds a “dangerous element”

Daniel Craig isn’t your typical Bond; he’s darker, more dangerous and if you ask him how he likes his cocktail you will simply get “do I look like I give a damn?” Daniel would without doubt be booking for an action packed good time. Tank driving, Quad Biking and Paintballing would be a great combo to keep him out of trouble in the day – lots to do, lots of adrenalin and lots of bruises. Not the sort to mess around, anything involving Beer, Burgers & Boobs is a perfect ending to his night

George Lazenby & Timothy Dalton

Now, if you’re a George Lazenby then Perfume Making may be more for you, after all, he would have loved it.  Along with Timothy Dalton who would have been straight on with a Pamper package - if these Bonds are more your type then maybe it’d be best to head over to our Sister company UKGirlThing where the packages would be much better suited!

If you fancy any of the packages above, get in touch on 0115 9415282 or email and our Party Experts will build you an impressive Stag Weekend package!


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