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June 2016

What better year to choose a football stag do activity that than Euro 2016

We’re well into the Euro 2016 competition now. And with a fantastic win this week for England, it’s got us football crazy. And if you’re off on a stag do this summer you will no doubt want to make football a big part of your party weekend. Well, you’re just in luck – here at Gents Events we have a fantastic selection of football themed activities you can fit into your stag do schedule.

Unique ideas for your stag party in Birmingham

So it’s your last weekend of freedom before you come a married man and you want to do something you’ll remember for a lifetime. You’ve gathered the lads together and decided to go to Birmingham for you stag party, but what to do? Strippers? Nah. Beer? Taken. How about some unique ideas for your Birmingham stag party?

Where to get breakfast on your stag weekend in Leeds

We all know stag dos are never going to be a friendly few – especially if you’re on a stag weekend in Leeds! We’ll drink plenty of water, we will stop at x amount of pints, we won’t get too drunk. Lies. All lies. That’s just what you tell your lady – over and over in fact, in that order like a monotonous robot.

Where to get on the mend on your stag weekend in Cambridge

You know the crack it’s your stag weekend and you’ve been out on a messy one. You’ve woke up £300 worse off with a semi-permanent tattoo on your face and to top it off your head’s banging. Although your missis told you to take paracetamol with you and drink water before bed you didn’t listen and now you’re after some sympathetic treatment to make yourself feel better.

How to be a V.I.P on your stag weekend in Glasgow

You’re getting married and settling down in the next few months which means (whether you like it or not) your life is going to change forever. No more 3 day benders with the lads spending £800 in the casino or drinking your own body weight in beer in less than an hour.