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May 2016

6 Pubs to visit on your Stag Night Leeds

There’s nothing worse than getting all pumped then no-where to go. Perhaps more accurately, not knowing where to go. You’ve been looking forward to this for months. You feel like it’s been practically a century since you and the lads got together for a proper night out. And the weekend is finally here!

Food & Drink for your stag weekend in York

Things are changing in the world. Leicester won the premier league, PS4’s now have virtual reality and York is one of the most up and coming places for a stag weekend in the UK. The little historic city of York is well known for its museums, walls and the York Minster but laying hidden amongst these well-known attractions lay some pretty amazing pubs, bars and restaurants.

Hidden gems for your Stag do in Brighton

Brighton is a sunny little seaside town located in the south of England. With tourist attractions including Brighton Pier, The Brighton Wheel and The Royal Pavilion it’s no surprise Brighton is a popular stag and hen location.

Awesome Wedding Transport Ideas

The missus is harping on about vintage cars, camper vans and buses for wedding transport. You find yourself unable to choose between cliché and even bigger cliché. Surely all the transport in all the land means you can arrive for your big day (or leave together) in an exciting and unique vehicle. I once heard a guy turned up to his own wedding in a hearse… and emerged from a coffin.

The wackiest way to celebrate your Stag Weekend in Bristol

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary for your stag weekend then you’ve come to the right place! Birthplace to the infamous pirate Captain Blackbeard it’s not like Bristol isn’t wacky enough already… however here’s the wackiest way to celebrate your Bristol stag weekend.

Where to get a Proper Pint on a Stag Weekend in Nottingham

So you and the lads are all excited about Dave’s stag weekend, it’s in Nottingham so we all know it’s going to be legendary. But one thing that can make or break a stag do is knowing where to go. We don’t mean what castles and museums to visit, we mean where to get yourself a decent pint.

The Best of Cuisines for your Cambridge Stag Do

There’s nothing better after a long day than meeting the lads, having a few (hundred) pints and a good bit of grub together. Whether it’s an Indian, Chinese, Italian or a good old greasy kebab, we all love

Gents Events does Cardiff: Welsh Games!

An upside to working for the APT Leisure team is that we often get to try our all the awesome experiences that we offer to our clients. This enables us to become experts in our field – passing on our knowledge to you guys. Of course, a benefit to us does mean we get to have an awesome weekend together too! A few weeks ago a team of us were fortunate enough to take a trip to the city of Cardiff.