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April 2016

Essential Stag items for a weekend in york

So you’ve decided York is the perfect place for your stag party, good choice! With plenty of historic sites to see, daytime activities and a wicked night life York is set to be full of excitement for you and your groomsmen. The missis will probably be off on her hen party meaning you’ll be left to pack your own bag….Here are some essential stag bag items for your York stag party.

10 top tips in How to deal with your Bridezilla

Your wedding day is fast approaching and it seems like you’re eating wedding, sleeping wedding and breathing wedding – every waking minute! Remember the beautiful, kind natured, laid back lady you asked to marry you? She’s nowhere to be seen, long ago kidnapped and replaced by a ponytail wearing, avocado eating, stress monster. Or, what is known in the industry as, a Bridezilla.

Not your average London Stag Do Ideas

London, the capital of England, bursting with great places to see, attractions to visit and bars to drink in. You could do the “norm” on your stag do, you  know, get some strippers, drink your body weight in beer and maybe even play a few pranks on the stag himself. However, recently I have learnt London is full of completely wacky, unusual things that look rather entertaining.

4 Top Tips for surviving a Glasgow Stag Party

Home to bagpipes, tartan kilts and the Loch Ness monster (also known at Nessie!) Glasgow’s breath-taking landscapes, delicious restaurants and popping night-life make it the perfect place for your Stag Party. Whilst Glaswegians can be a little hard to understand you will be blown away with Glasgow's unique (yet amazing!) taste in food as you try Haggis, shortbread biscuits & outstanding seafood.

5 Handy Tips for your Stag Party in Cardiff

As the capital of Wales, it’s not hard to see why Cardiff is a top choice for a stag do. With tourist attractions including Cardiff castle, the Millennium Centre and the National Gallery there’s plenty to see and do, but what do you need to know before your trip? Here are 5 handy tips for your stag party in Cardiff.  

The Best Wedding Morning Gifts for your Bride

Right gents, so you’ve got away with having little input into the actual planning of the wedding or perhaps for some of you, you simply had no other choice but to stay well out of it! One thing that will be expected of you though, is to buy a token gift to be delivered to your bride (usually by your best man) in the early hours of your big day.

How to Choose the Perfect Stag Do

Working for Gents Events is always interesting, one of your mates finally pops the question to their Mrs of 10 years and they want a night to remember, or a night they won’t remember… it’s pretty much the same thing, right?

Stag Do Ideas Birmingham

Birmingham is the UK’s second largest city and with that title comes a lot of responsibility. With the likes of the impressive looking Bullring shopping centre and big clubs like Gatecrasher and Oceana it’s not hard to see why Birmingham is a top stag do location.

How to smash your best man duties

Why should you book a Stag Weekend in Leeds?

Leeds is a wonderful city, located in the centre of the UK it’s a great place to meet up with friends and hit the town! Leeds is also the third largest and one of the fastest growing cities in the UK, so why should you book a Stag Weekend in Leeds?