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December 2015

Last minute New Year’s Eve Ideas

It’s creeping up to that time of year again for the best shindig of the year - the big NYE. It’s the last time to have one big blow out, get merry and messy and for there to be absolutely no shame or judging before the arrival of 2016! For those who are panicking on how they can carry on the tradition of hosting one hell of a NYE party, Gents Events have put together
the perfect plan!

5 Quick Stag Do Games

There are so many games out there for stag do’s but not so many that are quick and easy to read about, understand and thus explain to the rest of the group. Let’s face it, you haven’t got time or actually, you just can’t be bothered to read reams of rules in order to have a good time.

8 Hot Christmas Ladies

Christmas brings with it a whole load of annoying stuff like choosing presents and spending time with people you don’t actually want to spend time with. But there’s no denying that the festive period also has its plus points – like the office Christmas party, plenty of food consumption and days off work! We can cope with the other stuff for time off work!

Stag Party Bournemouth


So you probably won’t be heading off on your stag party in Bournemouth at point soon.

The Twelve Hours StagMas

On the first hour of StagMas my best man gave to me… 

A stag that’s out of his tree! (That’s me!)


On the second hour of StagMas my best man gave to me… 

Two lightweights

and a stag that’s out of his tree! (That’s me!)


On the third hour of StagMas my best man gave to me… 

Stag Weekend Leeds


Romantic Gifts for the Lady in your Life

Winter Stag Do Packages

Stag Party Ideas - those finishing touches!

Spotted - Fancy Dress Stag Do Ideas London

Things To Do For New Year


10 Bars You Must Visit On Your Stag Do In Nottingham

Nottingham has it all when it comes to its bars and nightlife. Whatever your preferences, whatever your budget! We’ve put together a must visit list whilst on stag weekend in city -

How to Organise a Legendary Stag Weekend

Why Oh why!