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August 2013

Apps For Your Stag Do


Bournemouth: A Stag Do By The Sea


The History Behind The Stag Do


The traditional Stag Do as you and I know it, is a Celebration in the grooms honour, although when he is being pranked and forced to drink an obscene amount of alcohol, it may not actually seem like it, but how did all this come about? Where did it all begin? Well there are a few theories of where it all actually started, and I guess from there it has just evolved with time to become what it is today.

Stag Do Social Media Rules


Locations to help get that yes!


Stag Do Rules


Every Stag Do should come with a set of rules to enhance the user experience, just as your Stag Do Activities will also no doubt have some rules you will have to follow. These rules however, only really apply to the Stag himself, but that’s ok, because it’s his last night so he doesn’t actually get a say in it.

So let’s get down to business